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MALFAH ENTERPRISES Deli DL2340 Hand Riveter 430MM Staples 2.4MM – 6MM Soft Handle 17″ Heavy Duty Squeeze Rivet Gun

This uniquely designed Product is made of very fine quality material and comes in various ranges & varieties, hence fulfills the need of all. This hand riveter is a convenient tool which gives you comfortable user experience . It weighs only 2.08 ounces which means that it’s light on the hands and offers a smooth and tireless experience.. It comes with 500 rivets of different shapes and sizes. Size: 17 inch. Supplied with 30 rivets. It for your convenient carry and use compact and durable, easy operation Rivet head: 3 pieces size: 17 inch, Rivet capacity: 2. 4 To 5mm package: corrugate box length: 425mm material: steel rivet head: 3 pieces size: 17 inch. Widely used to pull rivet for home and factory. Extra long handle ensures excellent leverage when pulling rivet. Easy to change rivet head according to rivet sizes. Enhanced spring for adjusting tensile force of pulling rivet. Cast steel rivet gun head, sturdy and durable.Stainless steel pipes, with high toughness and large tensile force.