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MALFAH ENTERPRISES Bolt Cutter DL2687 Deli 12″ Industrial Chrome Vanadium Steel Bolt Cutter Heavy-Duty Industrial Easy Cutting of Wires, Round Steel Bars, Hard Drawn Steel Bolts and Standard Wires

The product case adopts high quality engineering plastic ABS, for good robustness and durability Product housing using high-quality engineering materials ABS, strong and durable With 3 8-blade blades, blades using SK5 high-quality materials, sharp and durable Tail with folding knife design, easy to use, promote self-locking mechanism, simple operation It is made of high-grade steel that has been rightly forged and machined to give the user excellent service without any hassle The jaws are designed for click and easy cutting of wires, round steel bars, hard drawn steel bolts and standard wires etc. An adjustment screw is provided on the side of the bolt cutters which enables a firm and comfortable grip with minimum effort. The jaws are forged, accurately machined, and properly tempered. The adjustment screw enables a firm and comfortable grip on your bolt cutters. These utensils are professionally designed for click and easy cutting of wires and round steel bars. Bolt cutters, also sometimes known as bolt croppers, are used for cutting bolts, chains, padlocks and wire rope. Stronger than wire cutters, bolt cutters can cut metal piping and chains that are thicker and stronger, such as padlocks, wire fencing, linked chains and thick wire mesh. Since bolt cutters are so powerful—they can produce more than 4,000 pounds of force—their design makes them useful as a powerful cutting tool for a variety of different materials, including cables, wires, piping, sheet metal, and nails.