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Spark plug with universal joint socket 16 + 21 mm Made of high grade Crv steel With ergonomic Grip on the handle NO MORE FALLING INTO YOUR ENGINE BAY: Socket for spark plug includes internal rubber retaining ring inserts protect and hold the ceramic insulator portion of your spark plug inside the socket with a superior grip than using magnets Remove and Install Spark Plugs The socket's 6-point opening exactly fits the hex nut of the spark plug, so that you can apply maximum torque and loosen stubborn, heat-seized plugs without slipping. Its thin walls and extended deep length allow you to reach far into spark plug wells. The interior rubber grommet inside the socket firmly grips the neck of the spark plug for careful removal and installation. Large, Clear Markings Die-stamped markings are permanently impressed into the steel and can't wear off. They're designed with large, clear size numbers that are easy to read even in low light settings. Refined Finishes The polished chrome plating protects against corrosion and wipes clean to a mirror finish. The deepest parts of the socket well, where nickel and chrome layers cannot be deposited in sufficient thickness, are protected with an additional thin layer of clear coat, rather than conventionally-used silver paint, to prevent rust. Secure Drive Tool Engagement Four detent grooves provide a secure connection with the retaining ball of a drive tool. Radiused corners reinforce the drive end by eliminating sharp angles that are prone to cracking under stress. The drive end's beveled edge helps guide a ratchet tang smoothly onto the socket. Magnetic retaining ring keeps spark plugs in place Universal joint design allows access to spark plugs located in hard to reach spaces Knurling on socket body provides grip when turning by hand